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About Us

About Karolyn

In 2002, I was a realtor with a passion for making cakes. Little did I know that my passion would change my life.

I would practice making cakes in my spare time and would bring them to the office for everyone to eat.  People started asking me to make cakes for their parties and soon thereafter, Karolyn's Kakes, LLC was born!  As my KAKES have grown in popularity, I have been able to turn my passion into a thriving full-time business.

Throughout the years, I've refined my craft by attending professional demonstrations and seminars around the country to keep up with the current cake decorating trends.  I pride myself in providing meticulously handcrafted kakes with precise attention to detail, which has become my trademark.

I absolutely love creating one-of-a-kind KAKES that taste as good as they look.  I look forward to working with you to create an extraordinary centerpiece for your special event!

Karolyn's Kakes

I'm well known for my buttercream skills and my attention to detail. Most of my kakes are iced in Buttercream icing.  I get it so super smooth that a lot of people mistake it for fondant!  I occasionally cover kakes in my homemade marshmallow fondant when necessary (dark colored kakes or some sculpted kakes).